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Kentucky fans are taking this Enes Kanter news in stride

If you're easily offended, move on and your regularly scheduled Card Chronicle programming will resume shortly.

For the rest of you, buckle up, we're taking a field trip to crazy town as we look at the reaction of Kentucky fans (in particular their disdain for New York Times writer Pete Thamel) in the wake of the NCAA's denial of the Enes Kanter appeal.


A few more...

@petethamelnyt I hope your children are born paralyzed and they have to slither around like snakes in the grass like their fuckin' daddy

@topher859 @petethamelnyt I hope your fucking children suffer from dwarfism and autism

@petethamelnyt you fucking judas liberal I hope you become a blind mute paraplegic fuck the NCAA and fuck you and fuck your mother

Hope you're proud of yourself you vile inbred commie swine. you will choke on the scrotum of karma for your sins @petethamelnyt

The NCAA are a bunch of atheist duke fans to the committee that ruled enes ineligible I hope all of your first borns are slain in cold blood

@petethamelnyt you've successfully fucked enes how many more kids you gonna lube up and rape? You fucking pedophile

I'm savin up to hire Chris Hansen to bumrush @PeteThamelNYT before he can seduce another young boy with his unibrow/trunk full of free candy

@petethamelnyt I hope you get in a car crash tonight lose your vision and the use of your legs

@petethamelnyt I hope your wife leaves you for Mandingo and I hope you get caught for your child porn fetish you fucking freak

Will someone do some "behind the scenes" reporting on @petethamelnyt his likely-forged resume, and interest in child pornography?"

@petethamelnyt I wish plague and famine upon you and the #NCAA you all deserve swift nut kicks

@PeteThamelNYT fuck you!

you don't have to come and confess, we lookin for you, we gon fiiiiiiiiinnnd you @petethamelnyt

@PeteThamelNYT go to hell.

fuck @PeteThamelNYT I hope there house burns down and there homeless and get raped

@PeteThamelNYT boy-toucher.

Fuck the ncaa. They all hate uk bball. Keepin their noses up duke n nc's ass. Kanter shuld be able to play.

@fakegimel We're all fucking insane.

Feel the tradition. Feel the passion.