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A city debates: Who is the cutest Cardinal?

I went to the circuit court clerk's office yesterday afternoon to file a lawsuit (high life), and walked in/joined in on the following conversation...

Clerk 1: They looked good last night though. My man Marra could not miss.

Clerk 2: You love him.

C1: Shew. That's my man. If I could just get seven minutes alone with that boy. I wouldn't even need 15.

Mike Rutherford: Is it the tattoos?

C1: Well, I'm tatted up too, so he's kind of my type. My whole back is covered, and...

MR: You going with a clown in a straight-jacket next?

C1: (Obviously not understanding the reference) Haha. Yeah.

C2: Well, all I know is that there's absolutely no doubt about it: Siva is the cutest.

MR: He's adorable.

C2: Uh-huh.

C1: He reminds me too much of Sosa. Eww.

MR: He's adorable.

Clerk 3: But he's tatted up too.

C2: Siva or Sosa?

MR: Adorable.

C3: Siva.

C2: Yeah, but he's so cute.

C1: He's no Marra.

C3: My little niece is absolutely in love with...oh, what's the one?

MR: Kyle Kuric?

C3: Yes! She's absolutely in love with him. I think he's pretty cute.

C1: He needs to get him some Proactiv.


C2: It has gotten a lot better since he was a freshman.

C3: I think he's cute.

C1: I just can't handle that. Give me Marra.

MR: He was Homecoming King for Christ's sake.

C3: Yeah.

(His lawsuit filed and fearful of what he might say should the name Preston Knowles enter the conversation, Mike Rutherford exits)

MR: Take care, ladies.

Clerks: Go Cards.

C1: Go Marra.

Annnnddddd Scene.