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I'm so happy these guys are coming to the Big East

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This is awesome.

Earlier this year, Ohio State president Gordon Gee caused a stir when he compared non-automatic BCS qualifier schools to the "Little Sisters of the Poor," insinuating that the schedules faced by Boise State or TCU rendered those teams' records less legitimate than those of their AQ counterparts. And truth be told, yes, Ohio State's schedule was more challenging this season than that of TCU or Boise, but only marginally so, and anybody who's taken a look at SEC out-of-conference scheduling lately knows how little interest there is in challenging non-conference opponents.

Fast forward to last weekend, when TCU upended Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, 21-19, winning on a failed two-point conversion by the Badgers late in the fourth quarter. The coverage of the game focused largely on the fact that TCU was the first modern-era non-AQ to win the bowl ever, and how it felt to "win one for the little guys." Never mind that TCU was undefeated, favored, and ranked higher in the polls than Wisconsin coming into the game; it was just all "little guy," all the time.

TCU fans noticed, obviously, and someone acting on TCU's behalf exacted revenge on Gee and Ohio State today with messages on 20 different electronic billboards that went up in Columbus today. Giddyup:


Well done, frogs of horn.