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Charlie Strong is about to get paid

Tom Jurich told The Courier-Journal yesterday that he plans to negotiate a new deal for head football coach Charlie Strong soon after national signing day next week.

"It's been great that he's been able to keep his staff together to this point, and I can tell you those guys are really getting after it and they're having a great time," Jurich told the C-J. "They're on a rocket ship right now, and it's fun to watch."

Strong's current deal pays him about $1.6 million per season, and he earned almost $200,000 in bonuses for his team’s success in 2010.


Jurich said the fact that he expects Strong to continue to draw the attention of other programs was a major factor in going ahead with this extension.

The easiest portion of this restructuring? The negotiation on the limit of annual Mike Rutherford hugs. Hint: there's not gonna be one.