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Just Like We Drew It Up: Cards Win 55-54

So, that happened. 

Obviously the big questions going forward are the health of Dieng and TJ.  Glad the team could get the win, would hate to see the vitriol that TJ would get for that last miss.  The refs were awful, surprised Huggins waited until 5 minutes left to get T'd up, and he really should have been run based on his post-T conduct.  Preston! had a rough night shooting but played 34 minutes.

Loved Russ Smith's energy and lack of fear.  To the extent we run an offense, and again, high pick and roll as the 3 spots back up at the pick/roll spot is not an "offense", it requires the point guard to penetrate, draw defenders and find an open guy or make the hockey assist.  T-Will was always better at that than Sosa, and Padgett was better than both of them, so a lot of the offense ran through those guys 2-3 years ago.  With Siva and Russ Smith (and Justice to a lesser extent), we finally have REAL point guards who can get by their guy and get to the rim.  When the offense stagnates its because we are not penetrating.  You know who else can drive/dish, and from the 3?  Mike Marra.  Too bad for him Chris Smith is playing so well, because if his shot isn't falling, he's not going to get minutes.  And I think he can be a difference maker.  There, I said it.

Oh, and Bryce Cotton scored 10 as Providence kicked the shit out of Nova.  Not making that up.

Onto the next one.