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Louisville stunned by Providence

I wasn't exaggerating (much) when I said in the game thread that this was a night where just about everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.

--Knowles and Siva in foul trouble

--Bad Peyton

--Two huge Preston threes erased by two highly questionable (one absolutely ridiculous) illegal screen calls

--Terrence Jennings playing very well and then re-injuring his hip


--Vincent Council's unintentional bank shot

--Marshon Brooks getting hot early in the second half and then staying hot

--Louisville actually leading Providence at halftime

--Mike Marra being forced into extended action while still looking noticeably gimpy and having no confidence in his outside shot

--Keno Davis actually making a great in-game adjustment by calling off the press and turning to straight man

--Kyle Kuric missing uncontested threes for the first time in weeks

--Preston Knowles getting uncontested threes for the first time in weeks (seriously, scouting report: don't get a hand in his face)

This isn't a season-killer, but these guys just made things a lot tougher on themselves.

The gauntlet starts Wednesday.