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Belated 2010 CC Bowl Pick'em Recap: Prizes are for closers

Congrats to "da picks" and "LTC Byerz1" for finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in the first annual Card Chronicle Bowl Pick'em group (I had my money on the 3-1 favorite "George Goode").

We contacted both winners via the email listed on their Yahoo! profile the night of the National Championship game but have yet to hear back from "da picks". da picks dominated the group by picking 25 of 35 winners correctly and more importantly, amassing an impressive 500 confidence points. If anyone knows this person or if you're reading this, Mr. picks, please shoot me and/or Mike an email or post your email address in the comment section below. Our email addresses are located in our SBN profiles.

Meanwhile, we'll give Mr. picks one more week to claim his 1st place prize (2005-06 football team poster + 1,000 word Front Page story* about any topic) before we offer it to LTC Byerz1. 


Speaking of LTC Byerz1, the second prize--steak knives--was totally legit and I have no idea why anyone thought otherwise. LTC Byerz1 humbly asked that his hard-earned 6 piece cutlery set be donated to the local military base here in Vegas. To commemorate his achievement, I took the liberty of tagging the knife set; "From LTC Byerz1, one F'ing unselfish MF'er."  I'm certain the young Air Force kid who picks up the free blades will appreciate them. Until he sells them that night for $15 to buy a case of Keystone. 

The final Top 10 CC Bowl Pick'em finishers are listed below. Thanks to the 130 of you who fully participated. We'll probably do this again next year.

Group Standings (Top 10 of 134)

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
da picks
25 of 35 500 500
LTC Byerz1
24 of 35 477 477
Josh's Picks
24 of 35 472 472
21 of 35 463 463
George Goode
24 of 35 462 462
Goose Gosselin
22 of 35 456 456
Garry's Picks
25 of 35 455 455
22 of 35 451 451
22 of 35 447 447
22 of 35 442 442


*ensuing snarky comments in reference to your grammar, logic and subject matter included