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What to watch: 1/18/11


Michigan State at Illinois (7 p.m./ESPN)

If the Spartans don't win they're putting themselves in real danger of moving up no more than two spots in next week's polls.

Colorado at Nebraska (7 p.m./ESPN2)

Both teams are solidly underrated and this is a game that has pretty major postseason implications. The football game got all the "end of the rivalry" hype, but it's the basketball game that will actually end up being played at a (relatively) higher level.

Tennessee at Georgia (7 p.m./ESPNU)

There may not be a sporting event in history that I'd be less inclined to bet on than this one. You could have watched all 33 games involving these teams three times each and you still wouldn't have a goddamn clue what to expect tonight.

Georgetown at Seton Hall (7 p.m/Big East Network/SNY/MASN)

There's about as much on the line tonight for Georgetown as there can be in a Jan. 18 game at Seton Hall. They win and everyone talks about their "good" conference losses and how their national ranking is justified. They lose and people start talking about "collapse" and a trip to the NIT. Right or wrong, there's an enormous amount at stake in terms of reputation for JT III's bunch.

Maine at Vermont (7:30 p.m./CSN/ESPN FullCourt)

I think coaching in the America East would be a wonderful existence. Hajj Turner concurs.

Texas Tech at Oklahoma (8 p.m./Altitude/ESPN FullCourt)

The only two Big 12 teams that are winless in league play and that have an overall losing record.

Clemson at North Carolina (8 p.m./ACC Network)

The Tigers have ripped off eight straight wins and just blasted Georgia Tech by 25. North Carolina's most recent outing was also against the Yellow Jackets, but they lost by 20.

Kentucky at Alabama (9 p.m./ESPN)

The same Kentucky fans who spent the weekend trashing Louisville's home victory over a top-50 RPI opponent have spent the bulk of today lamenting about having to play in front of "15,000 crazy fans" cheering on "SEC-West leading Alabama." The Tide have an RPI of 102 and lost to Seton Hall and Providence by a combined 17 points.

DePaul at Marquette (9 p.m./ESPNU)

Almost unbelievably, the Blue Demons have lost 45 of their last 46 Big East regular season games. The lone victory over that span was a one-point win over Marquette a year ago. Time to see how bad the Golden Eagles' collective hangover is after Saturday's epic meltdown.

Michigan at Northwestern (9 p.m./Big Ten Network)

At 1-4 and 2-4 in the league, respectively, this is almost a must-win for the at-large prospects of both teams.

TCU at BYU (10 p.m./The Mountain)


The Late Show with David Letterman (11:30/CBS)

The Kardashians are on and they're (unintentionally) hilarious on talk shows. Also, boyfriend/husband points.