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Tuesday Cardinal news and notes

My new favorite part of the Marquette game highlights is watching Mike Marra on the bench. He gives the exact same right fist throw after every made basket right up until the last one when he switches to a giddy jump that is hampered by his ankle injury. It's pretty awesome.

Also, Marra's reaction when the camera pans across the team in this video is absolutely priceless.


Marra rules.

Tom Dienhart has confirmed that U of L offensive coordinator Mike Sanford was interviewed for the same position at LSU on Sunday. Coaching in the SEC is a bigger deal than coaching in the Big East, but I can't imagine how coaching under Les Miles could be any more fun than coaching under Charlie Strong. Still, I don't think we could really blame Sanford for bouncing if that opportunity were to present itself.

The leading candidate for that LSU OC position has been reported to be one Stephen Kragthorpe. He has the full backing of the other 11 programs in the SEC.

There have also been rumors (unconfirmed up to this point) that Vance Bedford is a candidate for the defensive coordinator position at Michigan. As with Sanford, it would be hard to blame Bedford for taking this job if offered, especially since replacing Greg Robinson means that an increase in productivity only entails making sure your players know where to lineup and make no less than seven successful tackles per game.

Louisville's Wednesday opponent, St. John's, is losing nine seniors from this year's team, and as a result Steve Lavin's current recruiting class of 2011 already includes nine verbal commitments. He says he's looking to lock up at least one more commitment and could actually end up offering as many as 11 scholarships. There are professional baseball teams that lose and add less players in the offseason.

Guaranteed Valentine's Day sex:


Over the past couple of days a lot of Kentucky fans (none of which care about Louisville at all) have been taking shots at Louisville fans for getting excited over a win over Marquette.

Last night on Lachlan McClain's show, Eric Crawford, who recently wrote a column highlighting various stories of Cardinal fans discussing how they watched The Comeback at the Yum...Back, addressed the complaints by saying: "I'm tired of Kentucky fans making fun of U of L fans for celebrating the win. If they'd won a game like this, they'd already have the t-shirts printed. This is a school that made a DVD for three straight trips to the Tennessee bowl."

As far as my story, Ms. CC spent the the second half getting ready for her joint birthday party that night (where the Preston Dance was performed no less than seven times) while I watched the game alone upstairs. When timeout was called with us down one and 12 seconds to play, she ran upstairs to "see if I was alive," but was greeted with "DON'T TALK TO ME!!!" before she could even get to the door.

I celebrated, went downstairs, high-fived, grabbed a beer, and then came back upstairs.

Magical day.

The many football recruits attending the basketball game on Saturday did leave around this six minute mark (which apparently is standard behavior), but word is that they did see the finish and that there was a pretty loud cheer from the group and several complaints about wishing they'd been in the arena.

Last night, downgraded Teddy Bridgewater from a five-star prospect to a four-star prospect, and from the No. 3 quarterback in the class to No. 6. If he commits to Ohio State right now he'll become the first six-star recruit in history.

Lastly, Jordan Campbell is still in California and no longer enrolled at the University of Louisville. It's a shame. We could have really used him.