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Wayne Blackshear gives us a little scare

It looked for a moment as if "The Comeback in the Yum...Back" (still working on the name) was going to be tainted when U of L commit Wayne Blackshear went down with what appeared to be a bad knee injury after a dunk Saturday night. He laid on the ground for several minutes before being helped back to the locker room.

Thankfully, Blackshear returned to the game a quarter later and played despite being in some obvious pain.

Take it easy, Morgan Park head coach.

Despite the injury limiting him to 24 minutes, Blackshear scored a game-high 26 points on 10-17 shooting, and grabbed 8 rebounds. He was guarded for much of the game by Tony Wroten, Jr, a young man who spurned Louisville in favor of the University of Washington.

Blackshear and Morgan Park defeated Garfield High of Seattle, 78-67.