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Cards Rebounding, Defending Unwell Proves To Be Downfall

It was a long day for the Cards in the bright lights of Philly.  After starting off hot, Nova's adjustments in the second half to prevent open three point looks proved to be our downfall.  Most of us knew the crazy hot shooting couldn't last, and the real world caught up to us in a brutal stretch that put the game out of reach.  Their bigs did a good job of pushing us around, dominating us on the boards.  Rock, if you're gone, at least you could teach your replacements how to grab the ball with both hands.  I hope the guys stay up until 3 AM working on blocking out OR only having one guy go for the block while the other stays home for the rebound.  Lack of rebounding and bad defense has made us mad all season.  I don't see things changing too much on that front, we are who we are.  Hopefully Saturday we get back 2 good by beating hated rival Marquette.

I mean, it was a top ten team, who we were playing on the road, who got a ton of good bounces, didn't miss much and even made some crazy bank shots and No F'in Way plays.  A four point play!  Come on. 

This was not a game we needed to win.  This was not a game we were expected to win.  So don't get bent out of shape during these hard times.

I still like our team, but this is how a heart breaks.