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Jared Swopshire "definitely out for the season"

Junior forward Jared Swopshire, who has missed all of the season to date with a groin injury, will not return for Louisville this year.

''He's definitely out for the season,'' U of L head coach Rick Pitino said. ''What they're going to determine now is whether he needs surgery or not. In all likelihood he'll need surgery because he's not getting any better.''

Pitino did not say, nor was he asked, whether or not Swopshire would receive a medical redshirt.

More Pitino press conference notes:

--Stephen Van Treese doesn't try to do things he's not capable of, and that's why he's performing well.

--Doesn't mind George Goode taking outside shots. Can't say the same thing about Terrence Jennings. Goode has really stepped up when his team has needed it.

--Villanova is a team that gets in your face, plays physical, and denies very well. They're a lot like Kentucky on defense.

--Louisville is nearing Pitino's goals as far as hustle stats are concerned.

--Rebounding is always going to be the No. 1 focus for this basketball team.

--Villanova is every bit as good as they were last year. They have no weak links on defense.

--There are more "very good" teams in the Big East this year than there have been in the past few years, but no "great" teams like in those years.

--Very pleased with where the team is right now, but has no idea if they can contend for a Big East title.

--Terrence Jenning's attitude has been awesome since he was taken out of the starting lineup. He's not one to hang his head. No one on the team is, and that starts with Preston Knowles. The team sees how selfless Preston is and they follow his lead.

--Elisha Justice is healthy again and will play against Villanova.

--Mike Marra needs to develop Preston and Chris Smith's attitude for defense. Same thing for Elisha Justice. Both are aware of it and working very hard at improving on that end.