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Bye Week Blues: Predict The Rest of 2010 Football Season in Haiku Form

So we're three games into the season, and we know more about this football team than we did in August.  Since this is a bye week, and there's no basketball left, let's revise and extend our predictions for the rest of the season based on what we've seen so far.

Here's how I see it, in haiku form: 

@Arkansas State:   We have more talent / Always tough to win on road / Hope we don't overlook them.  - WIN

Memphis: We have more talent / First home game since the last one / I hate the Memphis - WIN

Cinci: They've been Kragthorp'ed / Charlie wants the Keg of Nails / Charlie gets what he wants - WIN  (Charlie also gets an extra syllable)

@UConn: They don't look that good / But it's always tough in Storrs / They lost to Temple - LOSS (EDIT:  We play this at home / My reasoning is now moot / We regret the err - WIN!)

@Pitt:  Out on a limb here / This will be Strong's statement win / They'll overlook us - WIN

@Cuse: Football version of / Letdown Marquette basketball / Stop laughing Otto! - LOSS

South Florida: They are pretty good / Never won at Papa Johns / I think that streak ends.  - LOSS

WVU: Best team in Big East / Will be classic night home game / But they still beat us -  LOSS

@Rutgers: Need to get to six / Never won in New Jersey / No bowl this year, sad. - LOSS

Tough way to end the season.  As long as we take care of business against Arkansas State and Memphis, UConn and Cinci are terrible and very beatable.  Cuse and USF are winnable games.  If we can upset Pitt or WVU, we are right there. 

What say you? You don't have to use haiku, you can use whatever form of poetry you want.