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U of L denies that Dieng hasn't qualified

U of L has (I'm told) denied that Gorgui Dieng has not qualified and says the previous post on this site is false.

First, I hope that this is correct and that Dieng suits up for U of L this season, even if it means this site's reputation takes an enormous hit.

If you've read CC for an extended period of time, you know that it's not your best source for "breaking news" (I think news has been broken here three times, and each time - with Brian Brohm returning for his senior season being the exception - the news was less than earth-shattering) and that I don't pretend to have a wealth of sources. That said, in this situation I received information from a source I consider highly reliable and went ahead with the post.

If the post does turn out to be completely off-base and false, then I will absolutely deserve to get trashed.

Still, the "just trying to drive traffic to his site" comments that are probably already coming aren't accurate or fair. I don't make a living doing this. If this site gets 15 hits one day and 15 million the next, I don't get a cent more. Obviously, I enjoy people visiting, reading and commenting, but there's no incentive for me to make something up.

Again, I sincerely hope there is no issue with Gorgui Dieng's eligibility, but I stand by my post.