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The Weekly hot 10: 9/12/10

1. Charlie Strong (1)

First win as Head Coach

2. Doug Beaumont (-)

First collegiate TD

3. The Thin Red [Defensive] Line (9)

Gnat & company secured win vs. EKU, have their work cut out for them next week at Oregon State.

4. Bilal Powell (4)

Powell's two TDs against EKU good enough to earn Big East helmet sticker

5. Victor Anderson (7)

Voted Most Likely to Succeed after graduating from Trent Guy Kick Return Academy

6. Adam Froman (3)

Positive: 42 yard TD strike to Beaumont. Negative: Pick six.  WRs aren't exactly helping his case but Froman needs to improve field vision, progression reads

7. Transfers & Freshmen (5)

Six freshmen (including five frue frosh) made the defensive stat sheet vs. EKU. Cards need a healthy Josh Bellamy to get in rhythm with Froman...and soon

8. Spread Offense (8)

Conservative and limited by the weapons available

9. Conference Pride (-)

After underwhelming start, Louisville's trip to Oregon State offers big opportunity for Big East upset, respect

10. Louisville Fans (10)

( ) = Last week's ranking