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DaMarcus Smith tweaks knee in loss

Reports out of Ohio are that Seneca quarterback and Louisville commit DaMarcus Smith re-injured his left knee late in the Redhawks' 31-7 loss to Wayne (OH) Friday night.

Smith, who had apparently been hit hard on the drive before, was injured and taken out of the game with a little over one minute to play. The good news is he was seen walking around and in good spirits before climbing on the team bus back to Louisville.

The night was disappointing for Smith even before the injury, as he went just 10 of 34 passing for 162 yards, almost half of that total coming on one 79-yard touchdown pass.

There's no mention of Smith's injury in either of the early game write-ups, so it's probably safe to put the knife down for the time being. Reports from the game also indicate that Smith was virtually a one-man offense for Seneca, and that frustration may have played at least a partial role in what transpired in the last minute.

Still, from here on out, let's go ahead and keep the young man on the sidelines when the outcome of the game is no longer in doubt. Deal?