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Prediction Time: Eastern Kentucky at Louisville, 9-10-10

This has no significance, it is just a cool picture.
This has no significance, it is just a cool picture.

After months and months and months of waiting, which seemed to never get here, we only had to suffer through 4 working days (or no working days, if you are in the vacation paradise known as law school) until the next time we got to see Charlie Strong and the Louisville football team play football.

I know nothing about Eastern Kentucky except we better beat them by like 40. But that doesn't stop me from making some predictions:

First Cardinal Play From Scrimmage:  Play action pass to Josh Bellamy on a comeback route.  Get him into the game flow early.  

Second Cardinal Play From Scrimmage:  Zone read - Froman hands to Powell regardless of what the DE is doing.

Cardinal Offensive MVP:  Froman - a couple of throwing TDs (or long pass plays) so that unit gains confidence against a presumably over-matched opponent.

Cardinal Defensive MVP:  New CardsFan922 Favorite Hakeem Smith

First Cardinal touchdownDoug Beaumont.  In both senses of the phrase "first Cardinal touchdown."

Specific Vision: At one point in the first quarter, people will be really nervous until Froman completes a big pass play to Andrell Smith, after which time we roll.

Final Score:  Louisville 38 - 10 EKU.  Not as huge of a win as Petrino would put on them, but when was the last time we scored 38 points?  The answer?  October 18, 2008, when we put up 42 points against MTSU.   Never forget.