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Dark Side of the Moon: August Practice

The brief flurry of news, excitement and optimism that accompany the opening of August camp have given way to complete silence as practices are closed and the team is sequestered.  One tidbit from the ITV boards: Josh Bellamy looks good:


via, Thanks PelicanCard

There apparently is Twitter wherever they are, as the players have been updating their stati and have been apparently getting up early and going through two-a-days. 

For example, here's some tweets from very very early this morning:

@G_Scruggs:  What's up?! Pads on today! Getting better one day at a time! What r u doing? Probably not grinding like us! That's ok, I 4give you..

CAM_83_:  Time 2 punch that clock #Practice 

The biggest news of fall camp, of course, will be the status of Jordan Campbell and Demar "No Fly Zone" Dorsey.  It's hard to read too much into the tweets but it seems like they are still waiting for clearance from third parties, or at least not Charlie Strong. 

Wake me up when August ends.  Need, more, information....

Until then: