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Brief evening practice report

I'm off to Chicago in a couple of minutes for a final shot of life before orientation/school madness becomes a reality, but first here's a quick report on what I heard from last night's second practice.

--Michaelee Harris is the real deal. He was advertised as more of a possession receiver, but his speed was surprisingly impressive to those in attendance. He should see the field from day one on. 

--Equally surprising was Dominique Brown's arm strength. His accuracy left much to be desired, but it's understandable if he was a little hyped up for his first collegiate practice, especially since it was open to the public. 

--Preston Brown is huge but looked lost on more than one occasion. Someone compared it to Dexter Heyman's first practice as a Cardinal.

--Brandon Dunn appears to have packed on some muscle and took to things like a fish in water (probably because he was here in the spring). If he continues to evolve for the next month he might avoid a redshirt. 

--Jarrett Davis and Senoise Perry are very fast. Multiple people said team speed as a whole was the most positive aspect of the practice. 

--Corvin Lamb was not in attendance, reportedly due to a death in the family.

--Marcus Smith threw the ball surprisingly well. He was more accurate than Brown for most of the practice. 

--Kai Dominguez has solid hands but appeared a bit nervous and was criticized for his route-running more than once. 

--Strong was not quite as intense as he was in the morning practice, which I suppose should have been expected.

Obviously I'm not going to be able to make it out there tonight, but please post your thoughts if you do.