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Dominique Brown is eligible

From the mouth of Charlie Strong himself to the twitter account of Eric Crawford.

We don't know if he's going to compete for the starting quarterback job, we don't know if he's going to redshirt, we don't even know for sure what position he's going to play, but we know he's eligible and that he'll be at practice Thursday morning, and that's enough for now.


One down, two to go.

Nothing groundbreaking on the Demar Dorsey front, but the consensus is that he'll at least be in town by the end of this week and the hope is that he'll be good to start practicing by that time as well.

As far as Jordan Campbell is concerned, the USC transfer has apparently run into some unforeseen issues. Howie Lindsey said on the Afternoon Underdogs yesterday that he still expects Campbell to be a Cardinal, but that he'd be surprised if he was cleared to practice any time before next week.

At the moment, Campbell appears to be more concerned with his clothing line than anything else. Here's hoping things get straightened out and the sight and sounds of Strong get his focus solely on manning the middle of the field inside PJCS.