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U of L/Rutgers makes "House of Pain" list

This is the worst time of the year when it comes to modern sports media because there's still a demand to produce content, but there is really isn't anything to talk about. The result is in-depth previews of November football games featuring players who may or may not even see the field, columns that do little other than shock intentionally, and countdowns that are growing increasingly obscure due to the fact that all the interesting ones have been covered at some point over the past ten years.

Thirty years from now when I'm complaining relentlessly about the 125 degree August heat, I fully expect to get an email (or shakista message....that's future email) from my kid sending me a link (or ramading...that's future link) to an Austin Montgomery countdown of the 40 best second quarter punts by sophomores...written for Sports Illustrated.

It's not quite that intense yet, but Pat Forde is in the process of unveiling his 50 "most painful outcomes in the history of college football," and started yesterday with numbers 41-50.

This was No. 45:

Cardinal Sin

Nov. 9, 2006: The Cardinals had never been within a solar system of a national title until the '06 season, when they rode a high-powered offense to a No. 3 ranking. That offense propelled Louisville to a 25-7 lead, but then everything unraveled. Rutgers shut out the Cards and scored 18 straight points to tie it, then lined up for the winning field goal. Jeremy Ito yanked it wide -- but defensive back William Gay, one of Louisville's standouts, incomprehensibly jumped offside. Given a second chance, Ito nailed the kick with 13 seconds left.

This leads brings us to the CC question of the day...

Which image, when viewed unexpectedly, evokes more immediate anger: Steve Kragthorpe wearing sunglasses and giving the thumbs up, or Jeremy Ito pointing at the ESPN field camera after crushing U of L's national title hopes on a second-chance?

Now you know how Sophie felt.