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The Weekly hot 10: 8/29/10

1. Charlie Strong (1)

Don't waste his [practice] time

2. Governor's Cup (-)

Covet thy neighbor, steal thine trophy back

3. Adam Froman (-)

"Rankings? We don't need no stinkin' rankings"

4. Bilal Powell (7)

Listed as first RB on latest depth chart

5. Transfers & True Freshmen (8)

Hello, Preston Brown

6. The Game of Inches (4)

For 3 years, our opponents owned the inches. Time to fight for that inch again.

7. Victor Anderson (5)

VA Most Of The Day. Sharing starting RB duties with Powell.

8. Spread Offense (9)

Hat tip to Sanford for saving us the trouble of manually switching to the Spread on NCAA 11

9. The Thin Red [Defensive] Line (3)

Primary mission: shut down Derrick Locke

10. Louisville Fans (10)

Take your seats early, cheer your balls off

( ) = Last week's ranking