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Big East Tournament format will not change

Color me disappointed.

Brett McMurphy has the scoop.

The Big East's presidents decided not to say bye-bye to the league tournament's double-bye format after all.

Despite the Big East's basketball coaches voting unanimously to change the format of the 2011 league tournament, there was not unanimous support from the presidents, so the 2011 Big East tournament will remain the same format as the past two years.

The Big East's presidents did not approve earlier recommendations by the league's athletic directors and coaches to change the format, which would have begun with the 2011 Big East men's tournament.

"There were a variety of reasons and it was concluded that the timing wasn't right," Big East associate commissioner Dan Gavitt told FanHouse.

The timing wasn't right? That's the lamest and most insulting rationale possible. Was this question thrust upon him unexpectedly as he exited a bathroom stall?

Guess we'll settle for a burger and a grape snow cone.