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SB Nation Big East football preview

Kudos to Sean for putting this together, it's a great read.


--Louisville is again picked last, and yours truly is actually the lone blogger who has the Cards anywhere above the cellar (6th).

--Complete predictions:

1. Big East Preseason Standings

1. Pittsburgh (5)

2. West Virginia

3. Cincinnati

4. UConn (1)

5. Rutgers

6. USF

7. Syracuse

8. Louisville

--Your lone UConn voter is...The UConn Blog.

--Demar Dorsey hasn't taken part in a college practice but he's still your predicted Big East Freshman of the Year.

--South Florida's white uniforms are dubbed the league's best, while Cincinnati's "Cat Scratch Fever" look gets the nod for the worst.

The whole thing is worth the 5-10-55 (Dan) minutes it will take you to read.