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Big East preview ballot

SBN's Big East blogs were recently asked to answer 25 questions for part of the network's conference preview.

I post my responses strictly for your amusement.

1. Big East Standings (give me your 1-8 in order)
1. Pittsburgh
2. West Virginia
3. Connecticut
4. Cincinnati
5. Rutgers
6. Louisville
7. South Florida
8. Syracuse

2. Big East Bowl Predictions (Team, Bowl Game; Team, Bowl Game; Team, Bowl Game, etc.)
BCS - Pittsburgh
Champs - West Virgina
Meineke Car Care - Cincinnati
New Era Pinstripe - Connecticut
Liberty Bowl - Rutgers
Beef O' Brady's - At-large

3. Big East Offensive Player of the Year
Noel Devine, West Virginia

4. Big East Defensive Player of the Year
Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh

5. Big East Freshman of the Year
Demar Dorsey, Louisville

6. Big East QB of the Year
Zach Collaros, Cincinnati

7. Big East RB of the Year
Noel Devine, West Virginia

8. Big East WR of the Year
Armon Binns, Cincinnati

9. Big East OL of the Year
Jason Pinkston, Pittsburgh

10. Big East DL of the Year
Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh

11. Big East LB of the Year
Lawrence Wilson, Connecticut

12. Big East DB of the Year
Jarred Holley, Pittsburgh

13. Big East Special Teams Player of the Year
Jock Sanders, West Virginia

14. Big East Coach of the Year
The Stache

15. Most Likely Big East Coach To Be Coaching In Big Ten/SEC Next Year
Randy Edsall - If he beats Michigan and Rodriguez can't muster eight wins, it could definitely happen.

16. Most Likely Big East Coach To Be A Coordinator In The MAC Next Year
Bill Stewart, West Virginia - It's about 98% that no scenario could play out where this happens to any of the eight, but Stewart probably is the only Big East coach who could be fired if he doesn't meet expectations in 2010.

17. Most Likely Big East Player To Score Major Points In The Fulmer Cup (a.k.a. run afoul of the law)
Dom DeCicco, Pittsburgh - Because his name is Dom DeCicco.

18. Best Uniforms

19. Worst Uniforms
West Virginia - Someone just threw a battery through my bedroom window.

20. Best Home Crowd Advantage
West Virginia - Yeah, they throw batteries.

21. Worst Home Crowd Advantage
South Florida - I say this with the full knowledge that Louisville has never won in Tampa.

22. Team Most Likely To Defy Expectations
West Virginia - Almost universally picked to finish somewhere between 2-5, but the league is so down that one next-level player (Devine) could be the difference between a bowl game no one watches (all of them besides the BCS) and a league title.

23. Team Most Likely To Fall Short of Expectations
Pittsburgh - Because they're picked first and because they, you know, always fall short of expectations.

24. Big East Coach From Another Team You'd Most Want Coaching Your Team
Butch Jones, Cincinnati - I love screaming the name "Butch" in both joy and anger.

25. Big East Player From Another Team You'd Most Want Playing For Your Team
Greg Romeus, Pitt - Hyperbolic fact: Louisville's defensive line weighs a combined 112 pounds.