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Bryce Cotton: "The best available player on the West Coast"

Is this all because of Card Chronicle/Austin Montgomery? Does George Goode know how to dress?

No one knows why Bryce Cotton went unnoticed for so long; but the simple fact is after playing club ball this summer he has really upped his game from a mid to a high major player.  Once a virtual unknown, he is now the best available senior player on the West Coast.

Last season the Tucson Palo Verde 2010. 6-foot-1, 180-pound senior point guard emerged as a top talent for taking on the role as the top scorer on his high school team.  Cotton’s tough play and court savvy added another dimension, helping his team to the state final.


Cotton is contemplating several offers, but leaning towards attending a prep school next year.  Cotton stated unless the right offer comes along he will take the time to showcase his talent to high major programs next year looking for the right fit.

August could be very interesting as schools such as Michigan, ASU, Saint John’s and Boston College are inquiring about Cotton's tough play.

I already know what some of you are thinking, and you're all wrong. This is actually the posthumous work of one, Jerome David Salinger.

Yep, Salinger's the Tupac of the Internet recruiting world. Loves Card Chronicle...hates hot hot posts.