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Good news on Dorsey and Campbell appears imminent

In the past few weeks, Jordan Campell and Demar Dorsey have solidified their reputation as the - pick one: Jay-Z and Beyonce, Brian Brohm and Michael Bush, Affirmed and Alydar - of off-the-field summer Louisville football news. 

Questions surrounding the pair's eligibility and availability have flown fast and furiously since each announced his intention to don the red and black, and have only intensified since fall camp started without them last week. Making matters worse was the fact that the "third musketeer" of the group (freshman QB Dominique Brown) was declared eligible in time for the season's first official practice. 

But now the saga finally appears to be nearing a happy ending. 

Rumors have swirled for the past couple of days that Dorsey's arrival in Louisville is imminent and that he will be able to practice with his new teammates immediately. 

Though still not publicly confirmed by anyone in the know, Greg Scruggs did tweet the following late last night:

All cards fans, there has never been a doubt in my mind that you all believe in us!! We love you all!! Oh yea, no fly zone ;)

Side note: Demar Dorsey's twitter account is 100% fake. All we can do now is pray that the culprit was at least younger than Dorsey himself...and that he's not a Card Chronicle member.

As for Campbell, he's voiced his displeasure multiple times with USC and the ways in which he believes they've delayed his transfer, but now he's stating that he and Dorsey are both on their way to the Ville. When asked when he would be good to go, Campbell responded, "Aug. 20." 

With just two weeks (perhaps more in Dorsey's case) to practice, it's unlikely that either will be in the starting lineup come Sept. 4, but that would seem to be ample time for each to put themselves in a position where they could at least see the field. As far as Campbell is concerned, you have to remember that he's already spent three seasons with arguably the premier college football in the program, and that Southern Cal's defensive scheme is very similar to Louisville's. It may not take him a great deal of time to work his way into the position of key contributor. 

I'm excited.