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NFL Preseason: Michael Bush to start against Dallas on Thursday





Michael Bush and Darren McFadden will share the role of running back this season for the Oakland Raiders. However, it's Bush who will start as the primary back for Oakland's first NFL preseason game this week as McFadden rests a hamstring injury. The Raiders face the Cowboys in Dallas this Thursday at 9pm Eastern. Unless you live near Oakland or Dallas, you won't be able to watch the full game on TV until Friday at 3:30pm Eastern on the NFL Network. If someone finds a live internet feed, please feel free to share below.

Bush has been a fan favorite for the Raider Nation (all 19 of us left) since he was drafted from Louisville in the 4th Round in 2007 but he's never been given consistent carries until now. The Raiders released veteran running back Justin Fargas this March which in part will provide Bush with his first legit shot at a starting NFL job. Bush is in the contract year of his rookie deal and will earn $550K this season. McFadden, the fourth overall pick in 2008, will make $4M this season as part of his six year, $60M rookie contract.

The former Male Bulldog has also become a popular fantasy sleeper pick due to his size advantage over McFadden in goal line situations, higher career yards-per-carry average (4.7) and because the Raiders are likely to face several fantasy-friendly running defenses this season. When it's the 8th round of your live fantasy draft and Bush is still available, you know what to do.