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Videos: Louisville Football 2010 Media Day

Either the folks that manage the C-J Sports section's online content made an error or new Offensive Coordinator Mike Sanford married Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford over the weekend:Who_is_mike_bedford2_medium

Both coordinators spoke at Media Day on Tuesday, but neither mentioned the name change. Videos linked below (courtesy of C-J Sports online).

Mike Sanford Media Day Video (18 minutes)

Highlights: Injuries to Tight End Pete Nochta and Running Back Jeremy Wright, both of whom are out with a knee. As expected, several new Wide Receivers will make an immediate impact on offense this year--most notably Juco transfer Josh Bellamy and true freshman Michaelee Harris.

Vance Bedford Media Day Video (15 minutes)

Highlights: Bedford's personality. He's got a tough job. He's charged with leading the Cardinal defense while operating under the eyes and ears of arguably the most successful Defensive Coordinator in college football over the last few years. It's evident that the defensive line in particular has become a focal point for improvement since the new regime took over. Bedford infers that if his defense can stop the run, Louisville will be successful. He certainly talks the talk of someone who knows how to get there.

Also, we learned that Defensive Tackle Greg Scruggs has become the vocal leader on defense. This likely transpired after Scruggs did an impression of Strong on a local television broadcast and miraculously avoided death. Still no firm update on the status of Demar Dorsey or Jordan Campbell, which is concerning.

Lastly, Bedford mentioned that there's a scrimmage this Saturday and implied that depth charts will start to form according to how each player performs on Saturday. As of Tuesday, Linebacker Brandon Heath and Scruggs are the only names written in pen as defensive starters. Bedford also said Johnny Patrick was clearly the best defensive back but he's dealt with some legal problems during the offseason and may temporarily be in Strong's doghouse.

If you have no coherent memories of Louisville football the last 3 years like me, watch this video from 2008 for evidence of Patrick being a badass (warning: do not watch this video past the 4:15 mark): Johnny Patrick catches Noel Devine 

In the video, Patrick (#19) comes across the field to tackle WVU RB Noel Devine on a breakaway run. Trust me, that is difficult. Sadly, stopping Devine after he'd already sprinted past everyone wearing black for 80 yards was one of the best plays our defense made that year. 

Continue reading after the jump for more Media Day videos.

Probable Cardinal starters, including Victor Anderson and Adam Froman, talk about team chemistry, the new coaching staff and the near future of Cardinal football:

Highlights: Victor Anderson is the most interesting man in the media room and can probably do your job better than you. Chill bro Byron Stingily may or may not be sippin' on some [legally prescribed] sizzurp as part of his illegal motion penalty rehab after setting the offensive lineman record in 2009 for most consecutive games with an infraction*.

The same group of players talk briefly about the upcoming UK game on Sep 4th:


Highlights: Byron Stingily smiles, dispelling any rumors that he's drinking lean. Victor Anderson talks into a microphone, looks deep into your soul.

A gentleman named Charlie Strong spoke as well:


Highlights: Everything.

He had me at "I want to be aggressive in the kicking game." In addition to playing aggressive football, Strong stressed fundamentals. Both Strong and Bedford went into detail about teaching specific defensive techniques, implying that many players need a lot of polish to turn talent into execution. Strong is obviously not going to call out previous coaches but I sense an understated frustration with the types of simple teaching points that they've had to install during training camp.

Also, Pat Moorer is Charlie Strong's ambassador of discipline and confidence. A former personal trainer to Hall of Fame Running Back Emmitt Smith, Moorer is a career strength and conditioning guru and by the nature of his job, has spent tens to hundreds of hours more with the players over the summer than the other coaches. With some of the weight loss stories we heard over the last couple months, such as Tim High losing 47 pounds, and the admiration with which Strong speaks of him, it's clear that Moorer is getting the job done behind the scenes.

Here's to an aggressively, fundamentally fun year for Cardinal football.

*This stat not based on actual research