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Where I Come From: U of L Tailgating Traditions

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

This is the kind of post where we're going to struggle. 

As you might expect, a basketball school which has tasted the vast majority of its gridiron success in the past 20 years isn't exactly drenched with tailgating traditions. We have the Card March, we have the party train and we the shenanigans of the student lot, but a fall road trip to Columbus or Athens or any other place of similar ilk reveals just how different the world outside PJCS and the world of big-time tailgating are. 

My personal tailgating traditions are a sad shadow of U of L's. I had never owned season tickets up until about a month ago, and therefore most of my pregame rituals were based on the person or people who were taking me to the game. 

I suppose my biggest contribution to tailgating is a how to (tailgate) speech I gave my junior year of college which served as the (unwanted) catalyst for my selection to the university speech contest finals. The bulk of the speech escapes me, but I do remember comparing myself to Einstein and Jordan, and I remember a rule about not being able to drink more beers than the total number of losses between the two teams playing after the halfway point of the season. 

I like to drink beer (but if it's a big game I'm cutting myself off at least an hour before kickoff to avoid any game time spent in football's worst bathrooms), I like to eat food, I like to throw the football if there's one around and I'm a pretty solid cornhole player. Basically, I'm the most boring tailgater in college football. 

Pick me up in the comments section. Make up a story if you have to.