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Least Cool Person of 2009-2010 Championship: John Calipari vs. Steve Kragthorpe

This is pretty much the ultimate battle of uncool, a clash featuring the champions of each polar extreme on the douche scale.

Voting closes tomorrow night at midnight. What happens between now and then will be talked about for eternity.

1. John Calipari


Rap Sheet:

--Was John Calipari.

--Behaved like John Calipari.

--Threatened Reginald Delk during the U of L game.

--Fell short of the Final Four for the 21st straight season.

2. Steve Kragthorpe


--First current or former member of the U of L athletic family to participate in the tournament.

--"Led" Louisville to a 4-8 season.

--Missed the postseason for the third straight year.

--Constantly looked and sounded confused while his team constantly looked and sounded both confused and apathetic.

--Spoke in hollow and infuriating cliches.

--Called being fired from Louisville "a great blessing" during an interview for a story about his faith.

--Taped the most anger-inducing Kroger commercial of all-time.