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Preston suspended for both exhibition games

Rick Pitino announced over the weekend that senior guard Preston Knowles will be suspended for both of Louisville's exhibition games and perhaps its season-opener against Butler.


Pitino had said earlier that Knowles' status with the team was in limbo because of offseason issues not related to a May altercation with his girlfriend's stepfather.

"He’s just about completed his penalties," Pitino told the Courier-Journal on Saturday. "He had two main things he had to do to get back on the team, and so far he’s on schedule.

My (limited) understanding of the situation is that Preston entered the offseason already in Pitino's doghouse because of some perceived attitude issues, and then exacerbated things by not getting a summer job (a requirement....he now works with the "Inside Kentuckiana Golf" crew) in the allotted time and by not participating in some "optional" offseason team workouts.

But apparently these transgressions are in the process of being remedied and I wouldn't be completely shocked if Knowles ended up playing against both NKU and Georgetown.

Jennings, Clark, Caracter; it's someone every summer.

I still believe in Preston Knowles.