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Quincy Miller wants to be hated

Subtitle: "Kentucky, Calipari now considered leader."

The Louisville target and current No. 2 player in the class of 2011 is the focus of a Mike DeCourcy piece published this morning.

"Once I get in college, I definitely want to be a rival," Miller said. "I want to be somebody that everybody hates."
Oh, that's coming.
If he chooses Kentucky, he'll be the biggest villain in Louisville since, well, John Calipari. If he chooses Syracuse, he'll be as popular in Connecticut as the letters N-C-A-A.
A 6-8 forward from Chicago who is playing at Westchester Academy in High Point, N.C., Miller is considering UK, U of L, UConn, Baylor, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma. He's got a long way in choosing a college, but it's only a year until he gets there.

Miller is the type of confident(?) freshman superstar that Rick Pitino hasn't really had since he's been at Louisville (although T-Will certainly took care of the "bubbly" personality on all four teams he played on), so it's hard for Cardinal fans to get a feel for how he would gel with the upperclassmen that would be on his first, and perhaps only, college team.

Regardless, the kid's a next-level talent and it would be foolish for us to be anything other than ecstatic if he were to eventually commit. Also, he provides the added bonus of us being able to say "Q" with a straight face during sports conversations, which - let's not even try to act like it isn't - is cool.

For more on Q (see), check out the first entry of the blog he's going to be writing for Slam for the next 12 months.