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DaMarcus Smith continues to shine at Elite 11 Camp

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From ESPN's Greg Biggins:

Right behind Pittser, Smith is probably the biggest success story in the camp. After a huge sophomore season, Smith tore his ACL and missed his entire junior season. The Elite 11 regional camp at Alabama back in May was his first workout since his sophomore season and he impressed enough to make the final 12 here in Aliso Viejo.

Not only has Smith showed off one of the two or three strongest arms in the camp, he’s a very athletic kid who can make every throw and is among the most accurate signal callers in the camp.

"This experience has meant so much to me," Smith said. "I’ve wanted to cry a few times because I wanted this so bad, it’s like a dream come true. I’m only the second player from my state to ever get invited so I’m not just representing my school and city but the whole state of Kentucky and that means everything to me."

Any way we can get this kid into college in the next 14 days? What did K-State do with Bill Walker? Fax joke?