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Jody Demling talks U of L recruiting

Here are the U of L related questions and answers (compiled by an ITV poster) from Jody Demling's live chat Wednesday evening. Lots of good stuff to digest.

The Demling's answers are un-italicized.

Will Quicy Miller's relationship with Coach Fuller push him to Louisville?  Not sure how it will end but it HAS pushed him to look REALLY close at the Louisville program.

Hey Jody, I heard Louisville and Indiana were recruiting a new big man named Adjehi Baru from Richmond, VA. I heard he's a big, athletic kid who is like a better version of the recruit Moses Abraham last year. Do you know anything about him or his recruitment? He's rated pretty high for a guy who is new to the US.   His name is Adjehi Baru. Have not seen him but heard (and read) he a native of the Ivory Coast and he's a 6-9, 220 pound kid. Stiil early in his recruitment but LOTS of schools have called on him.

Does Shabazz Muhammad favor UofL? Is he a legit top 10 kid?  He's a for sure top 10 - likely top five - player. Had one Division I coach tell me when watching him "he already acts like a pro." The kid is big time. Louisville has an excellent at him. Look for a story on him in Friday's CJ

Will Quincy Miller make any visits in the fall before he announces his decision and which schools do you think will get a visit from him?  Not sure of his entire list but I would expect Louisville, Baylor and Kentucky to get a visit for sure

can we expect a UL verbal this summer?   I would say end of the summer before anyone gets a commitment locally. I might be wrong but just not a ton of guys ready to jump now.

I heard Tim Fuller is in on Johnny O'Bryant now. What kind of shape is Louisville in with O'Bryant? Yes, Tim Fuller has opened a lot of doors for U of L. Johnny O'Bryant is a big-time top 10ish guy and Louisville is now in the mix. We will learn more as the next week or two goes on but I think he's going to look hard at the Cardinals.

In your opinion what players do you think will sign to play for Rick Pitino in the 2011 class besides already committed Blackshear,Price, and Taylor?   Hard to tell at this point. They really want Chane Behanan, Quincy Miller, Deuce Bello but now with Johnny O'Bryant which way do they turn. And there's Jabarie Hinds, Jakarr Sampson, Remy Abell and Nick Johnson. A lot of good options.

Is it true that the Ville is getting Miller, Bello & Behanan?  Would be a nice trio. I'd say not true they are getting them but in the running and I could see those three guys playing together.

What are Louisville's chances for Quincy Miller? I'd say really good for Miller.

Why is UofL just starting to go after (J. O'Bryant) ? Is this due to Fuller? Is it too late for JB to change his mind and wear red?  It's not too late from what I hear and yes all because of Tim Fuller!

UL is now apparently involved with J. O'Bryant, Nick Faust, and they're showing some interest in Durand Johnson. Could any of these players be prime targets?  Yes, O'Bryant and Faust are. Rick Pitino really liked both when he saw them a few weeks ago

Is duece bello really loooking at Louisville hard?  Yes. I would say for Bello they are one of the leaders.

How hard is ul looking at Mike Shaw?   Not really on the U of L radar right now 

Is there anything different about Mike Shaw's recruitment than there was six months ago? I know you think highly of him, but with Chane, Quincy and now Johnny, is there any realistic chance he ends up at UofL?   Nope. He's a GREAT rebounder but struggles on the offensive end 

JD, who's UofL closer to landing, Quincy or Chane, or both? Chane will be a battle between U of L and WVirginia as long as the list stays like it is now. And Ohio State is a major player also

Any truth that UL may be recruiting over Ryan Taylor due to grade issues? Do you think that he will end up in red & black?  Yes, like I said last week in chat I have heard there is an academic hurdle. I don't think he will end up in the '11 class at U of L.

Why isn't UL recruiting Mike Shaw harder?  Not great on the offensive end. Plus, they are in with guys a lot better. 

Will Q Miller come down to UL and UK? If I had to guess right now U of L and Baylor 

Is Elisha Justice a legit D1 player and will he see alot of playing time in Cardinal red?  I think the Bullet will get some PT 

Will UofL have a one and done in the next 3 years?  They could have three in the '11 class - Blackshear and they are looking good with Miller. O'Bryant is likely another

Do Deudce and Quicy want to play together...and will they play together at UL?  Yes, I believe they will play together somewhere. Louisville has a really good shot.

I do not get the faust recruitment. Is he just a back up plan to Wayne?   Yes, plus he's a really good option they have a connection with and he for sure will be around for a few years.

UK fans keep throwing out the Blackshear is a "soft" commit card. any truth to this? is there any doubt he will be a card?   He laughs every time I ask him the question. So he says he'll be there for sure

From the message boards, it looks like UofL is getting about three times as much traction in recruiting. Is that accurate, or just a perception?  No it's accurate - there has been more links with Louisville and top guys recently. It's not just perception it's happening

Safe to say I'm already a Tim Fuller fan.