Bryce Cotton wouldn't mind Louisville

In fact if I had Pitino contact him, he would commit in a heartbeat

As you guys know I live in Tucson, AZ and there is this standout SG named Bryce Cotton.


This man is 6'1 and he attens my school(Palo Verde High)

This whole season Bryce has dominated the Tucson and rest of Arizona area, averaged..


24.3 pts

7 rbnds

5 asst

3 stls

And he has a massive 43' verical leap, this dude can fly. Being a team reporter I made friends with everyone on the team as well as bonded like part of the team, i traveled everywhere they went watched and reported every game, and the biggest blessing was meeting BRYCE COTTON.

I always mess around with him because he likes UK and is a big Wall fan, well I talked to him one day about the possibility of going to Louisville and told him about tradition and all the other UofL goods, he seemed real interested, he sent in some tapes to UL and I hope Rick got the tapes. Bryce is a great kid, church boy HIGH GPA and voulunteer here in Arizona. But inside the lines hes a beast. Bryce has had 4 games where he scored over 35 points and one game where he scored a career high 40 in the first round of state. He led a Titans team who was 17-14 the year prior to a 24-7 season in 09-10. He once scored 12 points in 20 seconds in 1st round of state. You guys can check out ssome videos I did of him on YOUTUBE "Bryce Cotton"  or you can check his maxpreps page

Thanks Card fans for taking your time


Your biggest Card Fan in AZ