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Least Cool Person of 2009-2010 Tournament: John Calipari vs. DeMarcus Cousins

It's like when Ax and Smash drew one and two at the '89 Royal Rumble.

1. John Calipari


Rap Sheet:

--Was John Calipari.

--Behaved like John Calipari.

--Fell short of the Final Four for the 21st straight season.

4. DeMarcus Cousins


Rap Sheet:

--Blatantly elbowed Jared Swopshire during the first half of the Louisville game.

--Was not thrown out, and play eventually resulted in free-throws and possession for Kentucky.

-- Finished the game with a dominant 18 points and 18 rebounds.

--Was labeled a "potential mass murderer" by Card Chronicle. Outrage ensued.

--Continued his elbowing and unlikeable ways for the rest of the season.

--Was vigorously defended and labeled as "colorful" by the Kentucky fan base.

--Did not appear in the Final Four.