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Least Cool Person of 2009-2010 Tournament: John Calipari vs. Jeff Goodman

1. John Calipari

CalMoney.jpg image by Hypertech_photos

Rap Sheet:

--Was John Calipari.

--Behaved like John Calipari.

--Fell short of the Final Four for the 21st straight season.

8. Jeff Goodman


Rap Sheet:

--Held a contest on Twitter and promised a prize to the champion.

--Crowned me the winner of said contest, emailed me and took my address.

--Never sent prize.

--Was called out. Re-took my email address.

--Never sent prize.

--Was called out again. Claimed he was "waiting for the right prize."

--Still hasn't sent prize.

--Is this entirely personal? Absolutely, but it was either Goodman or the EA Sports series and I chose to make a point...again.

Enjoy the Kentucky fans in the comments section.