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Least Cool Person of 2009-2010 Tournament: Steve Kragthorpe vs. Mike Kitts

2. Steve Kragthorpe


Rap Sheet:

--First current or former member of the U of L athletic family to participate in the tournament.

--"Led" Louisville to a 4-8 season.

--Missed the postseason for the third straight year.

--Constantly looked and sounded confused while his team constantly looked and sounded both confused and apathetic.

--Spoke in hollow and infuriating cliches.

--Called being fired from Louisville "a great blessing" during an interview for a story about his faith.

--Taped the most anger-inducing Kroger commercial of all-time.

7. Mike Kitts


--Sucked every bit as much as usual during the 2009-2010 college basketball season.

--Sucked even more than usual during Louisville's Jan. 30 loss to West Virginia when he missed a late call because he was ducking out of the way of the ball and then improperly consulted video replay to make the call, costing the Cards a shot at a huge victory.

--Two other highly questionable calls (ball out off Mazzulla's head, no foul called on Delk's three) inexplicably went against U of L in the game where Kitts was serving as lead official.

--Was banned from the Big East Tournament because of above transgressions.