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Least Cool Person of 2009-2010 Tournament: Karen Sypher vs. Bobby Gonzalez

We're drifting dangerously near the time where the '09-'10 sports season becomes nothing more than an afterthought, so let's try to get through this quickly.

Here's your first matchup:



Rap Sheet:

--Continued her claims of rape and other wrong doings done by Rick Pitino and company.

--Went against her best interests and the advice of her attorneys by refusing to stay away from the media.

--Claimed she was too emotionally scarred to leave her house despite frequently being seen in public, often times appeasing multiple picture requests.

--Is currently in the preliminary stages of her extortion trial.

--Is almost universally considered insane.

6. Bobby Gonzalez


Rap Sheet:

--Perpetual contender who has tasted success but never the ultimate prize in this tournament.

--Beat Louisville in Jersey again.

--Was fired after another underachieving season in which several disciplinary issues arose.

--Publicly berated Jeff Goodmann at the NBA Draft (could go either way).

--Was arrested for stealing a man purse.