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Quincy Miller still feeling Louisville

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The second-ranked player in the Class of 2011, who earlier this month told reporters that he was "feeling" Louisville, tweeted yesterday that the following schools are on his short list:

@qmillertime: UK, BYU, OU, UL, TX, OSU, D.U & WF...

And now a quick pause for Twitter translation...

BYU = Baylor

D.U = Duke

Many feel that Louisville has emerged as the leader for Miller this summer, including Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman, who stated that his "gut feeling" was that the Chicago-native would wind up a Cardinal, but made no mention of what Mike Rutherford's contest prize from last November would be or when he would receive it.


Miller is a teammate and close friend of the uber-athletic Deuce Bello, a player many feel is also currently a Louisville lean.