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J. Cole disses J. Calipari

I'm a little late to this news, but apparently J. Cole, the latest protege of (please allow me to introduce myself) Jay-Z, takes a shot at UK head coach John Calipari on his recently released single, "Higher."


For those who don't feel like listening to the whole song (thanks for reading, Beano), here are the lines of importance:

My life is like a movie
Would you be my co-star like Halle Berry?
Your old ni**a act like a b*tch, like Tyler Perry
You caught him down in Memphis cheating like Calipari


Although Louisville fans shouldn't be too quick to take pleasure from Mr. Cole's stylistic disrespecting, as we aren't too far removed from the now infamous 1988 shot at Denny Crum taken by Humpty from the Digital Underground:

My life is like a movie
Would you be my co-star like Molly Ringlwald?
Your old ni**a lost just like the Terminal Man in De Gaulle
Denny Crum take that toupee off, b***h you're goin' bald

He never won another national title.