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CJ Profiles QB Race, No Mention Of What Brown Might Do For Us

C.L. has an interesting article up this morning about the QB race heading into August practices, which are closer than you think but still not as close as you need them to be.  I think this article also should lead to a new nickname: Will "Moxie" Stein.   The kid has Moxie.  No doubt about it.

Even though University of Louisville coach Charlie Strong wants to name his No.1 quarterback before August camp begins, the three players competing don't view being named the starter as the finish line. In their minds, the race never ends.


Hailed for its quarterback tradition, UofL took three steps backward last season. Froman, Justin Burke and Will Stein combined for just nine touchdown passes, the third time since 1985 that UofL was held to single digits.

Also count how many subtle or not-so-subtle jabs there are at the previous staff.

Missing from the article: any discussion of how Burke and Stein would fit into the spread offense.  I know it is not a Pat White-style QB running attack, and Alex Smith and Chris Leak weren't exactly the most versatile runners, but I still think Froman's legs give him the edge.  Especially since I don't think there's much in the way of throw-the-ball-like-30-yards-downfield and its more short passing and (actually, not Kragthropally) getting the ball to playmakers in the proverbial space. 

Anyway, another big thing missing from the article: the projected impact of Dominique Brown. Has he qualified? Is he going to red-shirt?  Is he working out with the team already? Is he going to be 4th on the depth chart? 

Alls I knows is, Froman will be starting on the NCAA 2011 simulated season that kicks off Tuesday night.  And Virtual Dom Brown will be his v-back-up.