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Edgar Sosa is a Piston, Samardo Samuels is a Bull

Or whatever they call those teams in the summer...probably the Pistons and the Bulls.

"We were able to create a competitive roster," Pistons director of player personnel George David said. "It’s a little more younger than normal, but it should really be competitive."

A few rookies of note: NCAA tournament hero Jordan Eglseder, a 7-foot center from Northern Iowa, Louisville point guard Edgar Sosa and Texas-Arlington point guard Marquez Haynes, who had a good workout for the Pistons during the predraft process.

Here's hoping he can at least turn some heads.

Also best of luck to Samardo Samuels, who will be playing with Chicago for the summer, and actually might have a better shot at making that roster than many of the players who were selected in the second round of the NBA Draft.

Realistically, they'll spend their $56.1 million on seven guys, meaning they'll have to bring on six or seven more players to make the roster work. The Bulls have invited two undrafted rookies to Summer League—Gonzaga's Matt Bouldin and Louisville's Samardo Samuels—and it wouldn't be surprising to have one or both of them make the roster. 

No word yet on what Jerry Smith's next move is, but I have little doubt that it will be very, very cool.