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It's not looking good for Justin Coleman at Louisville

The increasingly slim hopes that Huntington Prep (WV) swingman Justin Coleman will be suiting up as a Louisville Cardinal this season may be on the verge of evaporating completely.

The fourth-best small forward in the class of 2010, according to, currently has the following up as his status on Facebook.

"Bout 2 go get a quick work out n at da skool i wnt good enough 2 play at Louisa lol smh"

This is sort of a Lassie situation in that I'm not entirely sure exactly what's being said, but the fact that it's bad news is still coming across.

Coleman had been waiting on some test scores, but the roster addition of Roburt Sallie and Pitino's comments on Monday would seem to indicate that a disappointing official word will be given soon.

It's a blow to U of L for both this season and for the couple after it, because Coleman has the potential to be tremendous.

Insert Calipari joke here.