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Pitino dispels McCarty rumor and other Wednesday notes

Bloggin' Rick Pitino took to his website this morning to debunk the rumors that assistant coach Walter McCarty has been offered and has accepted an assistant's position with the Indiana Pacers.

*As recently reported, Walter McCarty has not been offered a job by the Indiana Pacers. Jim O’Brien has asked and received permission to speak with Walter. They will speak sometime next week. No decision has been made by the Pacers or Walter. Walter will continue to have many interview opportunities that come his way. This is very early on in the process.


*People often wonder:  how do you replace people on your staff?  I always keep several individuals in mind.  In the case of Marvin Menzies and Reggie Theus, I took time in evaluating the landscape of all possible candidates.  In this situation, I have two people I would speak to if something opens up.

It's a big decision for Waltah, whose ability to hit on my girlfriend would be hindered considerably by a move to Indianapolis.

In other offseason assistant news, Steve Masiello passed a polygraph and will not be charged in the whole Derby ticket fiasco.

The assistants need their own show, with Ralph Willard (obviously) playing the lovable Estelle Getty role and Andre McGee serving as the high-energy neighbor. I've got two and-a-half episodes already laid out. Click on my name and get my email, Insight.

Seven members of the 2010 Louisville baseball team were taken in yesterday's MLB draft. They were:

Thomas Royse, Compensatory Round B by the White Sox
Neil Holland, 11th Round by the Nationals
Adam Duvall, 11th Round by the Giants
Phil Wunderlich, 12th Round by the Rays
Josh Richmond, 12th Round by the Rangers
Andrew Clark, 13th Round by the Rangers
Jeff Arnold, 26th Round by the Giants
Steward Ijames, 29th Round by the Yankees

Additionally, class of '10 signees Dace Kime, Jake DePew and Joel Bender were selected in the 8th, 9th and 27th rounds, respectively.

I must admit that the fact that sources outside the island of Jamaica are now claiming that Samardo Samuels might end up hearing his name called on NBA Draft night is something I find shocking. When the news first broke that Samuels was signing with an agent, I would have put his chances of being selected at somewhere between 10-15%.

A tip of the cap in his direction for whatever he's been doing from early April on.

Troy Pascley posted the following on his Facebook page yesterday:

"I will bet my whole pell grant that no other team in the country works as hard as we do!! I cant believe we thought we were working hard before. Its hard, its tough but come September 4th @ 3 30 Kentucky better be ready! enough said."

He opted not to finish with "God bless," all but ensuring that Louisville will not win the national title this season.

All joking aside, you have to love hearing stuff like this. Not only are the guys busting their asses more than they have at any point in the past three years, they're taking pride in it.

It'd be irrational to expect extreme success in terms of wins and losses this year, but I'm looking forward to following a team that at least appears both enthused and competent. It's going to be a welcome change.

If you woke up this morning longing not for coffee but for video of Brian Brohm completing a pass to Naaman Roosevelt, prepare to be sated.

Phil Steele says Louisville will play the 66th toughest football schedule in the country this season, one spot ahead of the Lexington School for the Ignorant.

Playing the easiest schedule in the country? You guessed it: Marquis Teague.

Shoni Schimmel, the No. 8 player in the class of 2010, has signed with Jeff Walz and the U of L women's basketball program. She is the highest ranked recruit to ever ink with Louisville.

It's a huge step towards shaking the stigma of being the Indiana State (one-person program) of women's basketball.

This is the best piece on the conference expansion deal to date. Sometimes greed bites people in the ass. We can only hope that history repeats itself after all this plays out.

Finally, if you have the time I highly suggest listening to Charlie Strong's interview on WKRD from yesterday.

It's going to be a long summer.