Conference Realignment Thread

What does everyone think about the bomb that the Pac-10 dropped this weekend that they plan to destroy the Big 12 and expand by 6. I for one think it is good for us (and possibly great), and here is why:

The Big 10 expansion would have ruined the BigEast. Their proposed plan would have pilfered us but not totally dismantled the BigEast. It would have left the rest of the conference looking to fill the holes left by losing Pitt, Rutgers and possibly Syracuse with the likes of Memphis, ECU, UCF, or even Delaware. That many directional schools in one conference means lots of tuesday and thursday night games.

With the Pac10 blowing up the Big 12, the two big remaining East Coast confs (SEC and ACC) will probably be forced to expand as well. That means there will be 4 and possibly 8 spots (highly unlikely though) to fill in those two conference and we would definitely get the call "up to the big leagues" at that point. In this hypothetical situation, assume that Pitt and Rutgers have already bolted for the new Big 10.

The ACC seems much more likely to want to expand than the SEC, so lets just assume our worst case scenario that the SEC stays put (cause they can) and the ACC adds 4 to match up with the other 2 superconferences that have magically formed. Since The big 10 has taken Nebraska, Mizzou, Notre Dame, Pitt and Rutgers, that leaves the Big East with UL, UC, WVU, Syracuse, UConn, and USF. Out of that group, who do you think would fit best in a new ACC? My first sentiment would be Syracuse, UConn to solidify their New England base that they broke into by grabbing BC 5 yrs ago.

That leaves two more spots for either UL, WVU, Cincy and USF (I'm assuming that the ACC won't consider any other programs because they wouldn't have the football clout any of us would have.) I think the two gems out of this group would be us and WVU. WVU is natural rivals with Maryland, UVA and VaTech, and we are the strongest standalone program out of the group. I really think UCs lack of facilities, tradition, class, etc. will leave them on the outside looking in and I would say that the USF experiment has failed (they are not a sleeping giant, they are just a giant commuter school in Florida and inserting them into a major conference has done nothing to change that. Oh and btw Tampa is an even more apathetic sports town than Miami - see Rays, Devil).

With that said, there are still more possibilities out there. What do you think are the possibilities of the SEC expanding (our dream scenario) and taking UL and WVU? Or what about another quasi-CUSA with the remaining BEast schools picking up Kansas and Memphis?

I know there are a million possibilities, I just want to see if any of the crazy ones flying around in my head seem plausible to any of you. All I do know is that our captain, Ol' Tommy Jurich, is going to make us a player. He's seen us this far and as the end of the journey draws near you know he's going to get us to the finish line.