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Pitino press conference wrap and other hump day notes

There are plenty of topics for discussion after Rick Pitino's Monday press conference, which you can watch or relive below.

Here are the main points that demand addressing:

1. Tim Fuller is U of L's new assistant coach

With his ties top Nike and the AAU circuit, there's little question why Fuller was picked as the man to replace Walter McCarty. Though I still choose to play the ignorance card most times recruiting is discussed, the events of this offseason made it impossible to ignore why a hire like this was necessary.

Fuller came off very well at the press conference, speaking passionately and giving a solid quote about "that school down the road" not being able to beat Louisville anymore when it comes to getting players. It's almost certainly not going to be a true statement, but you have to appreciate the spirit.

Every time I hear him referred to by last name only, I will think of the kid from Home Alone. Easy on the Pepsi.

2. David Padgett has also joined the staff

I think this was a move most of us saw coming the day Padgett played his last game as a Wildcat Cardinal. The kid had future coach written all over him from day one and the fact that he'll be working with Terrence Jennings in some capacity is one I take comfort in.

He also recently got married to his longtime girlfriend, so additional cause for congratulations.

3. Mark Lieberman will become director of basketball operations

He used to coach at Monsignor Pace in Miami and has been mentioned multiple times by Rick Pitino when staff positions have opened up in recent years. That's about all I know.

4. Roburt "Rubert" Sallie is officially a member of the team

En fuego.

5. Preston Knowles is in the doghouse

Fact: Rick Pitino says Preston Knowles is in his doghouse - for events unrelated to the Bullitt Co. cookout incident - and that he has work to do before he is allowed to practice with the team.

Counterfact: Michael Jordan got cut from his high school team, Jesus freaked out and flipped over a bunch of tables once, and Cy Young has more career losses than any pitcher in baseball history.

This is simply Pitino flashing an exclamation point light in the night sky and trying to summon the 2007-2009 Preston who appeared to be M.I.A. at various points last season. The message will be received.

6. Pitino says Louisville will play faster this year than ever before

The coach is tired of his teams letting others dictate the way they play and says the time has come to run. Will this actually be the case? Maybe.

There's far more uncertainty surrounding the team-to-be than in any other offseason since Pitino's first year here. Until we see how much guys like Buckles, Swopshire, Marra and Kuric progressed this summer, and until we figure out what Chris Smith and Roburt Sallie can bring to the table, we really have no idea what kind of team we have, which is why I think there's no real way to know what style of play suits these Cards best.

I understand the rationale behind Pitino's statement - he's got a lightning-quick point guard and the team he has on the floor will often be undersized - I just think there are far too many unknown quantities for definitive statements like that in late June. Louisville has played the style of its opponents for the past three years and have been one of the best teams in the Big East over that time. If running doesn't work out, these guys will adjust.

John Clay is holding a media approval ratings poll for Jeff Goodman.

I'm not going to tell you how to vote, but do know that if you click approve it means you hate Charlie Strong. IT MEANS YOU HATE CHARLIE STRONG.

It's been a solid month for the Detroit Lions. First, their mini-camp ended with brawls and fines, then their president was arrested for DUI, now they're waiving Kurt Quarterman.

Don't look back in anger, Kurt. Do look back in laughter.

Finally, here's a very well-written - albeit extremely, extremely depressing - piece on Louisville's last first team All-American, Cliff Rozier.

In 2006 Rozier was arrested on an assault charge and ordered into a lockdown mental health facility.

A year later, he moved to the halfway house where he lives today. Though he is free to leave following an April court hearing, he is welcome as long as he pays the $540 monthly rent. Unable to work, he relies on Social Security and disability payments.

Even when Rozier was completely lost and on the streets panhandling for drugs, he told others that his former lifestyle was meaningless to him. It was gone. He had already lived it.

He says the same today.

"If you ever got $5 million you'd enjoy yourself," Rozier says. "I did. I lived the life. I had the cars. I had a wife. I have children. I went out and shopped. I did everything that I wanted to do in my life.

"And right now, I am happy with what I'm doing."