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CUTOTD: Charlie Strong Is Here to F'in Stay, Land Records Show

Charlie Strong is awesome.  Most everyone would be annoyed if the local paper ran a story about how much the person's house cost, and where it was, and the sea/region after which it is styled.  Charlie Strong was probably annoyed at the CJ this morning, an article you can find yourself if you'd like, about his house purchase on the same street as Tom Jurich.  

And here's what he did about it:

Courier said I bought an expensive house today in the paper. I hope that shows cardinal fans that I'm ready to stay build this program

To paraphrase the man himself, Charlie Strong has house-purchased to show a long-term committmented his balls off.  And I believe him when he says he is here to stay.  I cannot wait for this season, and next, and the year after that.