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CardChron Freneblogger Goodman: Sallie and Fuller to Cards

Jeff Goodman, who earned some points on draft night by being an enemy of Bobby Gonzales, officially taking him to -1,999,990 points around these parts, reports two bits of news today.

First, much-rumored but now official, Roburt Sallie is transferring to Louisville and will be eligible to play immediately. There has been some talk that this means Justin Coleman is not eligible but we've missed a reliable three point shooter, and a senior with tourney experience helps no matter what.

Second, the Cards have hired former Wake Forest player and director of basketball operations Tim Fuller to replace Walter McCarty.

According to Goodman:

New Louisville assistant Tim Fuller is extremely close with Chris Paul and has been working w/ Nike and guys like Rajon Rondo last few yrs.

I'm a little less inclined to buy the Nike hype after John Wall signed with Reebok, but I think the connections to guys like Rondo and Paul has to help.   Also, apparently he's big on the AAU circuit.  Hopefully he's big on developing players as well.  I'll take some 1-and-done 5-star freshman if they are what puts us over the hump with a senior and junior-laden squad in 2012 and/or 2013. 

Either way, welcome aboard fellas!